Welcome to CO2Oling the earth summer school!

This PhD school focuses on all aspects of Sustainable Industry, with a focus onon carbon capture, utilization (CCU) and sequestration (CCS) technologies. Special attention is given to biological, chemical and Electrochemistry CCU methods.

Aim of the PhD school:

Is it possible to scale up the system I studied during my PhD?

What are the criticalities to scale up a research project from the lab bench to prototyping and to the further possible industrialization?

The aim is to give a perspective on how a process is defined as sustainable and scalable, and give to the participants the tools to assess the scalability and feasibility of their project on a larger scale.

In the last Edition the PhD school consisted of a session with presentations from industrial partners, mainly from EU H2020 projects on CCU, followed by a workshop in which PhD students had a chance to present their research and receive feedback and suggestions from an industrial panel on the upscalability of their work.

The event is organized by Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Politecnico di Torino and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in the context of RECODE, SunCOChem and OCEAN projects. These projects have received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreements  No 768583 (RECODE), 862192 (SUNCOCHEM) and 767798 (OCEAN).

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