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Gold sponsors

G.A. 768583

CO2 from the flue gases of a rotary kiln in a cement industry (CO2: 25 vol%) will be used for the production of value-added chemicals (acid additives for cement formulations) and materials (CaCO3 nanoparticles to be used as concrete fillers). A circular-economy-approach is enabled: the CO2 produced by cement manufacturing is re-used in a significant part within the plant itself to produce better cement-related products entailing less energy intensity and related CO2 emissions by a Quadratic effect. Ionic liquids (bare or amine-functionalised) will be the key technological playground for the efficient and cost-effective (<30 €/ ton) purification of CO2 to a purity grade sufficient for the above mentioned utilisation paths.

G.A. 760994

The ENGICOIN proposal aims at the development of three new microbial factories (MFs), integrated in an organic waste anaerobic digestion (AD) platform, based on engineered strains exploiting CO2 sources and renewable solar radiation or H2 for the production of value-added chemicals, namely:

1) the cyanobacteria Synechocystis to produce lactic acid 

2) the aerobic and toxic metal tolerant Ralstonia eutropha to produce PHA bioplastics

3) the anaerobic Acetobacterium woodii to produce acetone.

Silver sponsors

G.A. 679050

CELBICON aims at the development, from TRL3 to TRL5, of new CO2-to-chemicals technologies, conjugating at once small-scale for an effective decentralized market penetration, high efficiency/yield, low cost, robustness, moderate operating temperatures and low maintenance costs.

G.A. 736272

BIOROBUR Plus builds upon the closing FCH JU BioROBUR project  to develop an entire pre-commercial fuel processor delivering 50 Nm3/h of 99.9% hydrogen from different biogas types (landfill gas, anaerobic digestion of organic wastes, anaerobic digestion of wastewater-treatment sludges) in a cost-effective manner.

Participant projects

G.A. 691797

The project STORE&GO will demonstrate three innovative Power-to-Gas (PtG) storage concepts at locations in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Three different demonstration sites offer highly diverse testing grounds for Power to Gas: Local consumers, Available energy sources, Electricity grid type, Gas grid type , Type of CO2 source, Heat integration CO2 ...

G.A. 768789

The project CO2EXIDE follows a novel and highly promising path to deal with carbon dioxide: rather than depositing it, it recycles the greenhouse gas.  Specifically suitable for CO2-intensive emission procedures like fermentation or biogas upgrading, its implementation will lead to an enormous reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

G.A. 761042

BIOCON-CO2 aims to develop and validate a platform of flexible and versatile techniques capable of using biological processes to transform raw CO2 waste from the iron, steel, cement and electric power industries into value-added chemicals and plastics.


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