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Frequently Asked Questions
This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.


Why shall I participate?

Because CO2oling the earth will be a hub where you can find high level research details on capture, recover, storage, use and conversion of CO2

Not only the School will host academic representatives, but several companies will participate to present their  work and some of the application that your research may heve. There will be the unique possibility to "touch first hand" few of those realities thank to dedicated Site visits.

wHERE IS THE School hosted?

The CO2oling the Earth Summer School will take place at the Amsterdam Science Park (close to University of Amsterdam) in the Netherlands.


How can I participate to the School?

You can appoint to the school by filling the "Registration Form" under the Registration page. Soon after your registration you will receive a confirmation email.

How much is the fee for attending the school?


The CO2oling the Earth Summer School is free of charge. The school is sponsored by RECODE and ENGICOIN projects. 

The projects have received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreements No. 768583 (RECODE) and No.760994 (ENGICOIN).  Silver sponsors are: Project CELBICON (GA 679050) and BIOROBUR Plus (GA 736272)  

In order to aim at the wider diffusion of our results, the School is accessible at no cost.

Do you provide accomodation?

No. The costs for accomodation and meals shall covered by the participants. 


Can I change or cancel my participation request?

You are kindly required to CONTACT US within 3 days prior the School start in case you won't be able to participate.

Where can I download the training material?

All the material presented during the school will be available for dowload on this site, under the session Docs & News

Publications and posters

Who can submit a poster?

All the students, fellows, PhD or Post-Docs involved in any of the projects presented during the school, is invited to sumbit a poster. The posters will have to focus on the presenter's work related to the project and shall show the EU project disclaimer.

How to sumbit a poster?

Presenters willing to submit a Poster can fill the form on the Registration page.

What publications will be made available to the audience?

All the posters accepted for the school and all the Open Access publications related to each Project will be uploaded in the "Repository" page of the present site.

SIte visits

What companies can be visited on the 6th September?

The list of companies that can be visited is available in our Agenda

How many companies can I visit?

Participants will have the possibility to visit only one company. All the companies will be visited at the same time and it won't be possible to visit two in a row.

How can I appoint for a site visit?

Via the Registration page! 

Do I have to pay for visits?

Visits are free of charge, nevertheless transport to closest venues won't be covered by the organization.

For farther locations, transfer will be organized.